FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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1.)    How does a typical study day expire?

The academic modules consist of five days of classroom learning and self studies. A typical study day starts at 9:15 o’clock a.m. At 12:00 o’clock there is lunch. The lunchbreak lasts one hour till 13:00 o’clock. The afternoon lessons normally last from 13:00 to 15:00 p.m., sometimes moderated group discussions take place till 17:00 o’clock or films will be shown. Up to the dinner at 19:00 o’clock the participants have the possibility for self studies. The evening is reserved for individual time.

2.)    What is planned on the week-ends?

Exams are written on Saturdays; sometimes there will be a presentation of project works and its time for self studies.  All Sundays are reserved for individual time. Some excursions to touristic highlights in the region may be organized.

3.)    Which examinations are adduced during the compact course?

The examinations have to be adduced in written form or as a presentation of a project work.

4.)    What is special about the Executive Certificate Course in Renewable Energy Management (REM)?

The new and innovative Executive Certificate Course in Renewable Energies Management (REM) is the only postgraduate compact course in Germany. As a participant of the course, you will build up practical expertise and profound knowledge about the business opportunities of one of the most attractive growth markets. You will get a deep insight view on processes and discussions about this subject in Germany, the most leading country using renewable energies and you will find ways to transfer this knowledge to the needs of your company and/or your country.

5.)    Where do the professors come from?

The REM-Faculty consists of renowned professors from different universities in Germany, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers and experts in renewable energies. All professors have a strong track record in research as well as in executive education. High-level executives provide a deep insight to real life business.

6.)    Which role does the Steinbeis-University Berlin play?

The Executive Certificate Course in Renewable Energy Management (REM) is carried academically by the Steinbeis University, i. e. the Steinbeis University is responsible for the contents of the apprenticeship and awards after a successful study. They will hand out the certificate, granting 16 ETCS for all eight modules, according to the course performance and the written exams at the end of the modules.

7.)    Which role does the academy play?

The academy is responsible for the care of the students. The whole administration, organization and coordination of the course will be managed by the academy.