The academy


The Academy of renewable energies is situated in the county of Lüchow-Dannenberg in the northern part of Lower Saxony,  100 km away from Hamburg and 150 km away from Berlin. Lüchow-Dannenberg is part of the Hamburg city region,  today already the center of north German activities. According to a prognosis study, around 25,000 people are working in the field of regenerative energy in the region.

The county pioneers pilot projects, e.g. bioenergy powered villages, the very first biogas filling station (5 by now), the biggest biogas plant in Germany.  Since 2010 it has been one of 25 regions winning a government award for pioneering bioenergy.  The academy’s neighbourhood to several renewable energy plants allows for factory tours, personal contact to the operators, the ecological network, etc.

Established in 2008, the Academy of renewable energies was founded by the communal business development of Lüchow, the city of Lüchow, the joint communities of Gartow and Elbtalaue and a number of regional renewable energies enterprises, referring to the above average number of enterprises of renewable energies in the county.

In addition tot he REM-course the academy offers a M.Sc. in renewable energies  in cooperation with the University for Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW), a B. Sc.  Technology/Environment in cooperation with the University for Applied Sciences Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel and a number of seminars and workshops about renewable energies.